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Welcome to the website dedicated to the series of software products jointly named as Simple Economics!

Our programs are simple financial tools which help managers, financial analysts and heads of enterprises to make reasonable economic decisions.

Simple Economics software products require minimum time for studying and data entry and allow producing desired result quickly! You do not need to have special economic education to perform calculations using our software!



18.09.11 Congratulations! 50 non-Russian organizations are using in their calculations of the program, "Enterprise Financial Model"!

24.06.11 Additional information about "EFM: plan / actual analysis" is available



Enterprise Financial Model 4.3

EFM: plan / actual analysis 2.4

Enterprise Financial Model is a simple tool designed for execution of financial estimates, fitted with elements of a training program and allowing increasing the level of user knowledge in economics significantly. The software is accompanied with a great number of examples with comments and recommendations and allows producing desired result

Certificate of Software State registration: 2008612958

EFM: plan / actual analysis is a simple tool designed for financial planning and business management of an enterprise on the basis of approved budgets which will help user not only to perform comparison of obtained results with planned values but also to analyze causes of deviations occurred.

Certificate of Software State registration: 2009613446



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