Additional information about "EFM: plan / actual analysis"

1. What is “EFM: plan / actual analysis"?

A simple tool for financial planning on the basis of created budgets, which will help not only to carry out comparison of actual results with planned values, but also to analyze the causes of the variances

2. Fields of Application

A. Making plans and budgets
B. A comparison of actual results with planned values
C. Analytical estimation of the variances occurred

3. Users of the Software

A. Managers and Financial Analysts
B. Owners and Managers
C. Investors and Creditors
D. Trainees of educational establishments and business schools
and other user groups …

4. Key features (adjustable level detail of performance indicators)

The program "EFM: plan/actual analysis" allows a comparison of planned and actual results for each type of income and expenses etc.

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5. Key features (enhanced with disabilities)

The program allows to adjust the variances in accordance with a specified list, or take into account the variances that are programmed by the user

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6. Key features of the program (link with main module "Enterprise Financial Model")

Planning data can be entered manually or automatically transferred from the main module "EFM"

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7. Key features (control of the consistency of recorded information)

Budget compiled by user is automatically checked for consistency brought into the settlement table information

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