Additional information about "Enterprise Financial Model"

1. What is “Enterprise Financial Model?

A. A simple tool designed for execution of financial estimates
B. An analytical support for financial appraisals and management decision making
C. A training program that allows improving the level of your knowledge on the Economics
D. A data bank containing examples of estimates used for real projects with comments and recommendations

2. Fields of Application

A. Preparation of feasibility studies for Investment Projects and Business Development Projects
B. Analysis of business ideas and management decisions to be made
C. Assessment of various business development scenarios
D. Gaining experience and skills in Economics and Analytics

3. Users of the Software

A. Managers and Financial Analysts
B. Owners and Managers of enterprises
C. Investors and Creditors
D. Trainees of educational establishments and business schools
and other user groups …

4. Calculation Process

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5. Key Features of the Software(Simplicity of program use)

A lot of attention is paid in “Enterprise Financial Model” software to interfaces which allow even naive users getting the hand quickly in the software environment

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6. Key Features of the Software (Open system of settlements)

The software is based on Microsoft Excel. All formulas used are “open” and allow performing calculation analysis easily

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7. Key Features of the Software (Customizable level of itemization)

If necessary any user can view calculations in respect of revenues, expenses, investments and credits in details

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8. Key Features of the Software (Accounting of business features)

The software allows taking into account the business features in calculations, for example: other income / expenses, inventories, accrued and paid taxes, other loans (received and paid)

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9. Key Features of the Software (Calculation Check)

An additional module of “Enterprise Financial Model“ software allows verifying calculations made against the basic rules for Investment Project efficiency estimate

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10. Key Features of the Software (Creating tables in text-based documents)

An additional module of “Enterprise Financial Model“ software allows creating application reports or generating tables to be pasted into body text of a document

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11. Key Features of the Software (Availability of training system)

The training system allows studying the basic features of the software for the shortest time (~20 min.)

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12. Key Features of the Software(Advanced Help System)

The Help System contains detailed description of the software and is added by various comments, examples recommendations which allow achieving maximum estimate efficiency.

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